In February I decided to visit the International masquerade festival Surva in Pernik, Bulgaria, since last year I missed it. Looking at the area near the city I found one very interesting landmark - the Krakra Fortress.

krakra fortress


The fortress dates from the Medieval ages and it is believed that it was built during the time of Khan Omurtag. The name of the fortress comes from the boyar Krakra who has ruled the lands around Pernik at that time.

krakra forstress sunrise


Krakra fortress became known during the war with Byzantium when it withheld several cruel sieges.



Krakra Fortress

Several years ago, part of the fortress walls were "upgraded" with alternative materials, which caused great controversy in society. My personal oppinion is that it looks pretty interesting and different :) Also for me the Krakra fortress is one of the best preserved forts I've seen.

krakra forstress sunset

As the fortress Krakra is located at a small plateau in the southwestern part of Pernik, it is ideally situated for taking pictures of the city from above.



I managed to catch the sunrise, which is really unique because the mountain in front of the fortress hides the sun, which lights up the whole Pernik city. The color palette is stunning.

sunrise over pernik


The morning fog made the landscape even more dramatic.

eclipse krakra fortress


The new upgrade over the walls of Krakra fortress gives you the chance to see all the  different parts of the structure.

fortress aerial view


If you pass by or through the town of Pernik, you should definitely try to visit this landmark.