The opening of Plovdiv 2019 - European Capital of Culture was filled with controversy and the mood of the people was on both ends of the spectrum, but still, in my opinion, the show and the accompanying program were interesting and worth seeing.

The weekend between 11.01.19 - 13.01.19 was the opening of Plovdiv 2019, which started an interesting year for the "City under the hills". The first Bulgarian city, which was honored to be the European Capital of Culture, started 2019 with a spectacular show in the city center and over 20 concurrent events.

The focus of the program was the huge 250-meter stage with a 30-meter tower located on Tsar Boris III Obedinitel Boulevard.

Stage and tower

The stage and the tower were covered with 350 spotlights and lasers which were visible from all over the city of Plovdiv. Overall, the focus and idea of this type of scene was the 360-degree visibility to the different parts of the city.

Despite the cold and the freezing winds, more than 50 000 people managed to see the live performance from several viewing points in the center of Plovdiv.

1000 volunteers, 200 kukeri, 200 choral singers with conductor Dian Chobanov went on stage to start Plovdiv 2019. The musician Theodosii Spassov opened the event with a performance on a kaval.

The most interesting of the accompanying events was the fiery show at the Singing Fountains Pool in the City Garden.

The show program was closed by the performance of Valya Balkanska and bagpipe player Petar Yanev as well as spectacular 10-minute fireworks from the Plovdiv hills.