There is hardly anyone who has not seen the reflection of the sun on the golden domes of the Church of the Nativity, also known as the Russian Church in Shipka. The tops of the church can be seen kilometers away before the town itself and immediately attract the eye of the drivers.

russian church


Construction of the church Nativity began in 1885 with the request of Count Ignatiev. For the construction were collected donations from Russia and Bulgaria, and the construction was completed in 1902 under the guidance of Russian architects.

church in shipka

Besides the fact that due to its strategic location, the church is perhaps one of the most visited monuments in Bulgaria, it is also considered an architectural masterpiece and its included in the list of Hundred Tourist Sites to visit in Bulgaria. It was built in memory of the soldiers who died during the Russo-Turkish War.

shipka monastery


The Russian Church

For me as a photographer Church in Shipka is one of the most difficult to photograph as architectural object. Due to the simple fact that the church itself is located in a small park and is surrounded on all sides by deciduous trees. The trees are so close to the church that the options to shoot the church are extremly limited.

russian church in shipka

The only option to capture the whole church is from the front entrance to the park. Even from this point it is possible for a tree to block a part of the architectural masterpiece. Of course the greenery around gives the Russian Church uniqueness and magnificence.

shipka monastery


Just because of this fact that the Church of the Nativity is "difficult" object to photogpraph I did not post anything about it till now. But thanks to my new "toy" I was able to shoot from angles that are impossible for a person without wings :)

golden domes