Professional interior and exterior photography in Plovdiv and Pazardzhik, Bulgaria (hotels, apartments, restaurants, landscape, factories, offices, buildings etc.). Crating interactive panoramas. Guarantee for a quality at reasonable price.

Buildings located in other cities and villages in Bulgaria could be photographed as well, with an appointment in advance.

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Interior and exterior photography is often defined as photos of buildings or similar structures which are both aesthetically sound and present with precision their theme. Interior and exterior photography is part of architectural photography.

Interior photography

Defined as visualization of the inside part of a room. For photographing an interior one can use a natural (day) light and extra studio lights and flashes if necessary.

Exterior photography

Most often visualize exterior of a building or the landscape of a particular territory. For the exterior photography available daylight is used, or if you shoot at night the light from the surrounding street lights, neighboring buildings, moon, extra flashes and lighting equipment must be used. In most cases, the landscape surrounding the building is crucial to the composition of exterior photography, it determines the aesthetic harmony of the building and its surrounding environment. That is why flowers, trees, fountains and sculptures are often included in the composition.

Interior and exterior photography is most often used by hotels, restaurants, bars, discos, factories and others to present its activities, to promote the company or its website. Studies show that Internet users stay twice on sites with high-quality images than such with text-only or with low quality photos. This provides double the chance of making a sale through your website, whether your company is dealing with hotels, restaurants, hairdressing, pharmacy or any other business field.
Interior and exterior photography also can be used in publications and promotional materials of your company.


What determines the cost of interior and exterior photography?

The price to photograph interior and exterior is mostly determined by the area of the structure and the number of photos you want to get. Of importance are also the clients wishes  - what effect they wants to achieve with the photos, what is the target group and for what the photos will be used for. The combination of all these criteria determines the price of interior and exterior photography. For specific price please send us an inquire.


What time does the photoshoot require and when do you get the pictures?

The time for interior and exterior photography photo shoot again depends on the area of the structure and how many pictures you want for each room and detail. These two criteria determine processing time of images - the more photos are made, the more time is required for software retouch and of course the deadline of receiving the images will be longer.



Interior and exterior photography of buildings and structures can be realized in whole Bulgaria, respectively the transportation cost of getting to the site will be included in the final price.
Photographing buildings and structures in Plovdiv and Pazardzhik is done with no additional cost for transportation.