In this post, I will tell you how to watch free TV online wih a TV box or other Android devices, such as a phone, tablet, etc. I will also give several options to watch free TV a computer directly through the browser without registration, as well as through specialized software for the Windows operating system.

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What is free TV?

First, I would like to dispel the myth that watching free TV online is illegal. Online TV is completely legal in most cases, but of course, there are many exceptions, which I will also mention bellow. Nowadays, crreating a TV channel on the Internet or so-called online streaming is a matter of time rather than financial power. Many TV channels are completely focused on the Internet and they can be watched completely free of charge and completely legally. Now, depending on the content of television and where it will be broadcast (in which countries), it is now possible to have some legal obstacles, such as paying a certain license, legalization, and other fees. There are countless TV channels that are distributed online completely free of charge and completely legally. And since the future is online, more and more TV channels are focusing on online streaming.

Why watching free online tv is considered illegal?

The problem is when a TV station has explicitly stated that it does not want to be broadcasted online, or the TV channel has not paid for the relevant license to be able to broadcast its content on the Internet, the TV requires a viewing fee or other legal impediment valid for a specific country or territory. It is precisely in these cases, when, despite all these obstacles, a television channel somehow is streaming on the Internet, which is completely illegal. In most cases, the issue is that television requires a certain fee for the streaming content, which is normal because it is a business that must have revenue and profit. And watching free TV is like making money online – you just don’t pay any bills to the cable provider. And when this television somehow starts to be streamed for free online, it is happening in an illegal way.

Not to mention that in most cases this content that is streaming free of charge on the Internet is not licensed for the specific audience or territory, which can bring fines to the respective TV channel. That is why a large part of these TV channels closely monitor exactly how their content is broadcasted.
IMPORTANT: After all the above, I would like to warn you that this post is only intended to show you what are the options for watching free TV online. I cannot guarantee that all options are completely legal and meet all legal frameworks. I am only showing you how to watch free TV online and I am not responsible for the streaming content.

How to watch free TV online?

Below I will show you several options for how you can watch free TV shows online with a TV box or other device with Android operating system, on a Windows computer, or directly watch free TV online without registration through a browser. I have divided the options into different sections with detailed steps and video instructions. If you know any other options for watching IPTV TV online you can share them in the comments below. Also, if any of the explanations are not clear or I missed a step in the instructions, you can also tell me in the comments and I will correct myself.

IPTV streaming free TV online with TV box

Below I will describe the options to watch free IPTV TV on Android-based devices, such as a TV box, phone, tablet or through an Android emulator on your computer. Android emulator is software that mimics (emulates) an Android operating system on your computer or laptop. You just have to install it and it’s as if you have a device that is based on Android. The most famous android emulators that I can recommend are: MEMU and NOX. And the best part is that they are completely free.

OPTION 1: Kodi player and the Seirsanduk add-on
1. You need to download and install Kodi player
You can download Kodi from here – or directly from the Google Play Store. Then you need to install it on your Android device.
2. You must then download the SEIRSANDUK R1 add-on
You can do this here –
3. The next step is to install the add-on to the Kodi player
a) after starting the player you have to go to Add-ons from the menu on the left
b) the next step is to click on the icon resembling an open box located at the top left corner
c) on the next screen you must select “Install from zip file”
* if you are installing an addon for the first time, you will probably see a window in which you will have to change a setting to allow the installation of add-ons from an external source. If this window does not appear, you can skip to step f)
d) click on the “Settings” button and in the next window activate the “Unknown sources” menu
e) click “Yes” in the pop-up window
f) then you have to go again to the screen where you select “Install from zip file”
g) in the next step you need to find the place where you downloaded the additive SEIRSANDUK R1, select it and press ok.
h) after a few seconds you will see a window that the add-on is installed and when you return to the Add-ons menu the add-on should already be available

Below you will see a short video showing the whole process of installing the SEIRSANDUK R1 add-on in Kodi player, so you can watch free TV online.

OPTION 2: Kodi player and other accessories
Below is a list of other add-ons for Kodi that are working at the moment and with which you can watch IPTV free TV over the Internet. They have thousands of TV channels from around the world, as well as movies that you can stream directly through the add-on.
Venom –
Crew –
Limitless –
They are installed in the same way as in OPTION 1.

OPTION 3: BUL Player and playlist
1. You need to download BUL player
You can do so from the Google Play Store –
2. You need to install the application on your device
3. After opening the application you need to click on the “+” button at the bottom right
4. In the window that will open you must enter the following link:
5. Click on the “Get” button and all channels should appear

Click on any of the buttons / channels and watch Bulgarian TV for free online.

OPTION 4: LAZY IPTV player and playlist

1. Download and install the LAZY IPTV app from the Google Play Store –
2. After opening the application, click on the “Nee playlist” button
3. In the window that will appear, select “From Internet (by url)”
4. The next step is to enter a playlist name (of your choice) in the “playlist name” field
5. Then in the field “path to playlist file or url” enter the following playlist:
6. Check the “autoupdate” box and choose when to update your channel list (optional)
7. Click the “save” button and all channels should appear
Below you will see a short video with detailed step-by-step instructions

There are over 500 channels in this playlist. Best of all, this list is updated daily and the channels are always working. This will allow you to watch free TV online without registration and without problems with deleted or expired channels.

OPTION 5: WATCHED Multimedia Browser and account / link

1. Download and install the WATCHED app from the Google Play Store –
2. Once the application is loaded, you need to click on the icon with the many squares – “Manager”.
3. In the window where it says “Install bundle” in the field “enter url” you must enter and click on the button “continue”
4. A window will open in which you can choose and watch popular movies and series for free
5. To watch TV you need to click on the icon that looks like a TV with antennas.

6. In the next window click on the playlist “”
7. Here you can now select a country, after which all available channels for that country will be loaded
Below you will see a video with instructions on how to install:

The best thing about this option is that in addition to free TV you will be able to stream current movies and series directly on your TV set, TV box or other Android device.

IPTV watching free TV show online on Windows

OPTION 1: VLC player and m3u playlists

1. You need to download and install VLC player
You can do this here –
2. Then you need to open the player and in the menu click Media => Open network stream
3. In the next window you must enter one of the following playlists:
4. The TVs will start immediately, and to see the list of all channels in the playlist you have to go to the menu View => Playlist or on the keyboard to press the combination CTRL + L. From this window you will be able to change channels.

* With this method you can watch all types of playlists with m3u extension. There are many playlists for free TV online, but their “life” is usually very short. You need to look for playlists that update automatically. The ones I have given you as an example do just that. They are updated almost every day and always work.

** If a free online TV playlist interrupts or interrupts you, you need to click on this button , which is located in the VLC player, in the menu below.

IPTV free TV online without registration through a browser

Here I will give you some working links to watch free TV online without registration on various websites. These links have been checked by me and are working at the time of writing this post. Most have been working for many years and will most likely continue to work in the future. – – – – – – – are all options for watching free online TV that I know of. I hope they have been useful to you and that I have helped with my advice. If you have other ideas and options on how to watch free TV, you can share them in the comments or write to me and I will put them in the post. I wish everyone a happy watching 🙂 If you are looking to buy a good and cheap TV box you can check out my review of the Mecool M8S Pro L.
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