Nikolay Stoimenov

Photographer | Tech Guru 🙂

Hello everyone! My name is Nikolay Stoimenov and this is my personal website for professional photography, travel, and tech. My passion for photography started in 2010. I have bee passionate about travel and tech since I was a child. A lot of the images you will see here are the result of my desire to experiment with new photography techniques and the love to travel. Since 2012 I have been doing product, interior and exterior photography professionally. And landscape photography was my passion even before I had a camera. I have always admired photos that managed to capture nature in its glory, those amazing moments when nature reveals its full beauty. For me, the main difference between amateur and professional photography is whether you make a living out of it or not. This is the main criterion for differentiating my photos here. My interests professionally are mainly in architecture, landscape photography, event photography and partly the product (stock) photography. From 2017 I am also interested in the 360 panoramic images and the virtual reality (VR) photography and video. This is the main reason I became a Google Trusted Photographer.

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