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Professional interior and exterior photography for hotels, Airbnb apartments, villas, office, business center, restaurants, etc. Amazing interior and exterior photos for your website, brochure or online advertisement campaign. If you have new and redesigned interior or exterior and need amazing pictures of your venue or establishment I certainly can help you with this endeavor. Or maybe you need refreshed and quality photos of your hotel rooms, apartment for Airbnb, restaurant, venue hall, office building, I will be glad if you get in touch to discuss the possibilities of future cooperation



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more views for pages and articles with pictures
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of the customers would contact the company or person if the result of the search engines have a picture of the interior or exterior.
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of the customers of the online stores say that the image quality of a interior or exterior is very important in the selection and the purchase of the product.
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of clients of online stores determine the quality of the pictures of the interior or exterior as more important than the description, rating and the feedback from the product.
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of the information sent to the brain is visual, the images are perceived by the brain 60, 000 times faster than the text information.
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of consumers respond better to visual information than a text.


интериорна и екстериорна фотография интериорна и екстериорна фотография


Interior and exterior photography is often defined as photos of buildings or similar structures which are both aesthetically sound and present with precision their style. Interior and exterior photography is part of architectural photography. Often different techniques are used to outline interesting elements of the building or the interior.
Interior photography often is defined as a visualization of the inside part of a room or venue. For photographing an interior one can use a natural (day) light and extra studio lights and flashes if necessary.
Exterior photography visualizes the exterior of a building or the landscape of a particular territory. For the exterior photography available daylight is used, or if you shoot at night the light from the surrounding street lights, neighboring buildings, moon, extra flashes, and lighting equipment must be used. In most cases, the landscape surrounding the building is crucial to the composition of exterior photography, it determines the aesthetic harmony of the building and its surrounding environment. That is why flowers, trees, fountains, and sculptures are often included in the composition.

Nowadays, everyone is shopping and searching online for places to stay on their holiday. That’s why a good or bad hotel or apartment photo can mean a sale or no sale. Websites like Airbnb and Booking even have specific quality criteria for the images uploaded there. Professional and attractive interior image helps the venue to differentiate from the competition. Accurately and thoroughly represented interior and exterior helps the clients to get an idea about the restaurant or office and increases the chance to sell the place or get it rented. Since they cannot touch or feel the interior in advance, images are the only way for the clients to check the place visually.

Interior and exterior photography is most often used by hotels, airbnb apartments, restaurants, bars, discos, factories, and other venues or locations to present its activities, to promote the company or the website. Studies show that Internet users stay twice on sites with high-quality images than with text-only or with low-quality photos. This provides double the chance of making a sale through your website, whether you are an owner of a hotel, apartment, restaurant, office or any other business place. Interior and exterior photography also can be used in publications and promotional materials for your company.

The price to photograph interior and exterior is mostly determined by the location of the structure and the number of photos you want to get as the final result. Of importance are also the client’s wishes – what effect they want to achieve with the photos, what is the target group and what the photos will be used for. The combination of all these criteria determines the price of interior and exterior photography. Of course factors as retouch, resize, watermark also have impact on the final price.

The time for and interior and exterior photoshoot again depends on the location of the hotel, apartment or restaurant and how many pictures you want of each room and detail. These two criteria determine the time to take photos. Also, the time of the day and the time of the year matters as during wintertime there is much less time with natural light during the day. This is very important especially for exterior photography.

Depending on images quantity requeried as final result, processing time could afect the time of getting the photos – the more photos are made, the more time is required for software retouch and of course, the deadline for receiving the images will be longer. Of course factors as resizing to different resolutions, watermarking aslo impact the time. Usually, if the venue is not very large you will get your photos 1 week after the photosession.

The best location is Plovdiv, where I am based. Or the whole area including Pazardzhik district. Buildings in this region can be photographed without an additional fee for transportation. Of course, I can photograph interior and exterior throughout the whole country of Bulgaria, but this will have a small additional cost for transportation depending on the location of the building and if such transportation is not provided by the organizer.

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