Product photography in Plovdiv Pazardzhik

Professional product photography for manufacturers and online stores in Plovdiv and Pazardzhik, Bulgaria. Photographing products such as jewelry, art, tech, furniture, clothes, food etc. for online stores, websites, brochures, catalogs, menus and other promotional materials. Stunning images of amazing products for your website, advertisement or promotion campaign.
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more views for pages and articles with pictures
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of the customers would contact the company or person if the result of the search engines have a picture of the product.
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of the customers of the online stores say that the image quality of a product is very important in the selection and the purchase of the product.
0 % -
of clients of online stores determine the quality of the pictures of the product as more important than the description, rating and the feedback from the product.
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of the information sent to the brain is visual, the images are perceived by the brain 60, 000 times faster than the text information.
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of consumers respond better to visual information than a text.


интериорна и екстериорна фотография интериорна и екстериорна фотография


Product photography, also known as stock, commercial, advertising, catalog photography has the goal to present the product to the customer in the most appealing, but also accurate way. Product pictures can be used for online stores, brochures, billboards, menus and other promotional materials.

Nowadays, when everyone is shopping online and a good or bad product photo can mean sale or no sale. Professional and attractive product image helps the company to differentiate from the competition. Accurately and thoroughly represented product helps the clients to get an idea about the product and increases the chance to sell the product. Since they cannot touch or feel the product, images are the only way for the clients to check the item visually.

E-commerce is a giant industry which cannot survive without product photography. Whether the online store is selling gloves or cars it can not exist without pictures of the product. The pictures are the only way to present the product or the service for online shopping. I can offer product photography services for online stores located in Plovdiv and Pazardzhik, Bulgaria. It is possible to shoot in other cities in the Bulgaria with appointment in advance.

. The quantity of the products.

2. The number of photos of each product.

3. The size and shape of the products.

4. Retouch and digital removal of defects

5. Resize ( for website, print, billboard, etc.).

6. Equipment, site rent, transportation etc.

7. Design and placеing your watermark or logo on each photo

After all these points have been discussed and cleared, I can give you a product photography price offer.

Depending on on the size and shape of the product, the background, props and setup, and of course the number of products the photoshoot could take from 1 hour to a couple of weeks. After I have information about all the factors listed above I can give you an approximate duration of the photo session.

This depends on the type of the products and the number of photos taken. Unusual shapes and a large number of images require more time to process and retouch. After the photoshoot I can give you and approximate timeframe for getting your product photos.

Usually the product photography takes place on the clients site or location. This is not a problem, because all the photography equipment is portable. If the products are small and the quantity is not big I can make the photoshoot on my location.
Product photography in Plovdiv – your items and products can be photographed in Plovdiv. This option is suitable for all online shops, companies and firms located in Plovdiv city, Bulgaria.
Product photography in Pazardzhik – photographing products in Pazardzhik can be done after an appointment in advance. Online stores located in Pazardzhik can take advantage of this option at no extra charge for transportation.
Photographing products in other cities in Bulgaria could be also realized with preliminary appointment.

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