Basic package for those who want to have an online presence (blog website, portfolio website, CV website, etc.)
  • Unique design
  • up to 10 internal pages
  • Photo and video gallery
  • Responsive design suitable for any type of device - mobile phone, tablet, etc.
  • Image processing
  • Possibility for user registration and login on the site
  • One standard contact form
  • Admin site management panel


Standard package for small or medium business website (company website, brand website, corporate website)
  • Unique design
  • up to 20 internal pages
  • Photo and video gallery
  • Responsive design suitable for any type of device - mobile phone, tablet, etc.
  • Processing an unlimited number of images
  • Possibility for user registration and login on the site
  • up to 3 multi-level contact forms, inquiries, etc.
  • Admin site management panel
  • Video in the background on 1 of the pages
  • Pages with parallax effects and animation when loading
  • Connection with social networks
  • SEO optimization
  • Consultation on choosing a domain and hosting plan

Additional services

Additional services you can add to your package
  • Integration of a catalog for products, services, categories, etc.
  • Integration of an online store with online / offline payment
  • Live chat integration with users
  • Multilingual website
  • Buying a domain and hosting plan
  • Upload the site to a hosting server and set up the domain
  • Caching and site optimization for faster loading


  • Websites are built on a popular CMS system that allows quick and easy upgrades. The system is easy and intuitive and even you will be able to manage and expand your website yourself.
  • The CMS system has many more features and capabilities that are not listed in the examples above.
  • All texts and materials (photos and videos) are provided by the client.
  • I offer web design and building sites only for small and medium businesses, events, blogs, etc. I do not undertake large projects related to building systems, large databases, etc.


Категория: Вила/Къща за гости

Пакет: Старт

Уебсайт: www.thestarhouse.eu

Категория: Фирмен уебсайт

Пакет: Класик + Допълнителни услуги

Уебсайт: http://milarainternational.com/

Категория: Каталог

Пакет: Класик + Допълнителни услуги

Уебсайт: https://autonline.info/

Категория: Онлайн магазин

Пакет: Класик + Допълнителни услуги

Уебсайт: https://price-comparison.info/

Категория: Блог

Пакет: Класик + Допълнителни услуги

Уебсайт: https://travel.nikolay100.com/

Simply put, Web design refers to the design of websites that are displayed on the Internet. It usually affects aspects of the user experience when developing websites, but not so much software development.

Web design was initially focused on building websites for desktops and their browsers, but since mid-2010, however, design for mobile phones and tablets has become increasingly important. Web design is what creates the overall look and feel when you use a website. This is the process of planning and building the elements of your website, from structure and layout to images, colors, fonts and graphics.

Website building has many components that work together to create a complete look for a website, including graphic design, user experience design, interface design, search engine optimization (SEO) and content creation. These elements determine how a website looks and works on different devices.

First impressions really matter. I can’t stress this fact enough: if you don’t have a strong internet presence, you stop developing your brand.

Potential customers who search for you on the Internet and find nothing may think that you have gone bankrupt. If they search and find a site with an old-fashioned and low-quality design, they will be left with the impression that you are not very interested in your company or product. Make contact with a client starting from your website great by choosing quality web design.

Now that you know what is what and who is who, let’s look at some signs of great web design and what sets it apart from not-so-great web design.

E-commerce is a giant industry that cannot survive without product photography. Whether the online store sells gloves or cars, it can’t exist without product photos. Photos are the only way to present the product or service for online shopping. I can offer product photography for online stores located in Plovdiv and Pazardzhik, Bulgaria. It is possible to do this in other cities in Bulgaria by prior arrangement.

In general, it is quite difficult to give an approximate price for web design and overall website construction, due to the many factors that affect it. In general, the things that have the greatest impact on determining the cost of building a website are:

1. Number of internal pages

2. The complexity of the design – how many and what graphic elements it will contain.

3. The integration of various modules – Live chat, bilingualism, catalog, online store and more.

4. Image processing

5. SEO optimization

Again, it depends on the complexity of the website. The integration and setup of various modules for online stores, catalogs, etc., takes a long time. On the other hand, there are many factors on the part of the client that affect the time of web design – the creation of texts and descriptions, photos and graphics. When these things are not ready in advance, it can further delay the time to create a website.

Once the details of the content of the website have been clarified and the approximate time for which it will be ready, the finalized design and website will be provided to you after approval and testing of all pages and functionalities.

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