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Professional event photography in Plovdiv and Pazardzhik and the whole country of Bulgaria. Photographing services for events like concerts, festivals, presentations, opening ceremonies, corporate events etc. If you need amazing photos for your social media, your corporate website, brochures, catalogs or event website I will be glad to help you with this challenge. My goal is to capture the mood and the emotions of each event. The biggest benefit you and your guest will get from the event photos are the beautiful memories they could revisit anytime they want. This is what is think is precious and will get you the most value for your money.
Check out my portfolio and the FAQ section below. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer.



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интериорна и екстериорна фотография интериорна и екстериорна фотография


The very basic definition of event photography is taking pictures of events. Now, what is an event can be defined very differently for each person. For some people, an event could be a wedding, christening, party, birthday, sport, festival, concert or corporate event. For others buying a car, getting a salary raise or even meeting with old friends could be an event worth photographing. An event photographer is a person specialized in this subtype of photography. Most of the event photographers are specialized in weddings, but most of them have experience also with corporate events like conferences, trade shows, retirement, office opening and many more.

One word – memories. A good event photographer could capture moments of the event which you did not realize were happening. You could enjoy these photos and memories attached to them at any time of your life. The other important part of event photography is having images for your website or social media where you can inform your clients or followers about the event and visually represent it. Imagine describing an event only with text, it will be hard to imagine the emotions and the vibe of the event without images.

I am specialized in festival photography and concert photography. You can check my portfolio for these types of events I have covered in the past years. Bulgaria is famous for its traditions and I love covering traditional festivals around the country. Different concerts or street events are also my speciality.

1. How long is the event?

2. How many participants or spectators are expected.

3. Where the event will take place (the location).

4. Retouch and digital removal of defects, if it is needed

5. Resize ( for website, print, billboard, etc.), if it is needed

6. Equipment, transportation etc., if it is needed

7. Designing and placing your watermark or logo on each photo, if it is needed

After all these points have been discussed and cleared, I can give you an event photography price offer.

Depending on number of pictures requred as final outcome, it could take the whole duration of the event or just half an hour. It depends and it is entirely up to you. After I have information about all the factors listed above we can discuss the time I will need to complete your requirements.

I know in the event photography time is essential. Everyone wants to get the pictures as fast as possible in order to show them to their friends, upload them to social media or website and so on. Depending on the number of photos taken and the images required as final outcome, receiving the photos can take from one day to a couple of weeks. A large number of images require more time to process and retouch. If you require more photos delivered as final outcome from the event, this will prolong the postprocessing time. After we have clarified the points above I can give you an approximate time of giving you the final images.

The best location is Plovdiv, where I am based in. Or the whole area including Pazardzhik district. Events in this region can be photographed witout additional fee for transportation. Of course I can photograph events througout the whole country of Bulgaria, but this will have small additional cost for transportation depending on the location of the event and if shuch transportation is not provided from the organizer.

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