I have visited the Stone Mushroom phenomenon near Beli Plast village several times already and but I still had not seen the Stone Wedding. This time, during my trip around the area of Kardzhali dam, I managed to get to this landmark in time. The stone wedding is a natural phenomenon, located near the town of Kardzhali, 1 km from the village of Zimzelen.

The Stone wedding phenomenon is about 40 dca and has begun its formation 40 million years ago. According to archaeologists, the cause is a volcanic activity that began under the sea located in this area. After the sea vanised, the rocks started to appear as a result of erosion and rain.

At the heart of the phenomenon are two 10-meter rocks that resemble two newlyweds. The small rocks surrounding them are considered to be the guests of the wedding.

The Stone Wedding

As in any place like this one, there is a legend that is changing and updating over time. The common idea is that a young man from a neighboring village liked a local girl only in her eyes as her face was veiled. During the wedding, the wind blew and took off the lady's towel. The young man saw the beautiful bride, and wicked thoughts overwhelmed him. That's why the whole wedding was fossilized.

The stone wedding is located on a hill next to the road to the village of Zimzelen. There are signs showing the path to the phenomenon. It passes through a small stream which in the spring months becomes quite large and you may get a little bit of mud on your shoes when crossing.

Behind the phenomenon there are several rocks with strange shapes, which are called rock tufts. Around the Stone Wedding there are many green meadows suitable for a picnic amidst nature.