Prohodna Cave (The Eyes of God)

Located 2 km. from Karlukovo village, Prohodna cave is one of the most impressive I have ever seen. Not only because of the Eyes of God – the natural rock-like openings but also because of the breath-taking size of the cave. Standing at the entrance to the cave, one realizes how small we are in comparison with mother nature. The main entrance of the Prohodna cave, which is located on the side of the road, is 35 meters high and the “exit” or entrance on the other side is 45 meters high, making it the highest cave entrance in Bulgaria.

The cave is very easy to reach. In Karlukovo village there are many interesting signs and directions to Prohodna cave, and to the entrance of the cave, there is a road made from gravel for cars which can be parked in the vast meadows in the area. In the case of heavy rains next to the road, a micro lake is formed and access by car is impossible, but it can be safely reached by a trail along the road.

From the meadow in front of the cave Prohodna begins a stepped and steep path leading to the entrance. Keep in mind that because of the moisture in the cave and especially after rainfall inside it is very muddy and slippery. Always visit the natural landmark with comfortable and closed shoes because while I was there, at least 4-5 people fell in front of me, and in addition to the injuries, they were covered with mud.

The Eyes of God

Shortly after the huge entrance, you will see the two symmetrical openings in the cave ceiling, which are oval in shape and look like human eyes. They are known as the Eyes of God and have become one of the names the cave is famous with.

Standing under the arches of the cave and looking at the “windows” you will feel that the natural phenomenon stares at you. In wet weather, tears drop from the holes. This scene will make every person experience mysteriousness and awe of nature and its power.

As you approach the other entrance of Prohodna Cave, you will have a great view of the canyon-like rocks. Here, nature is back and everything is covered with green moss. In the area, there are several small caves formed in the surrounding rocks, which can be reached by wooden stairs and bridges. Looking from the inside of these caves, you can see an incredible landscape. It is as if nature is painting a picture in front of your eyes.

I recommend to anyone who passing by the area to visit the cave, as this visit can be combined with a walk along the Iskar-Panega eco-trail near Lukovit.

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