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Easy… compare and book. Here I have gathered the best resources for booking a flight. I will constantly expand all these sources, so that you have the best chance to find the cheapest flight price for your traveling needs. Here I also will add a lot of deals and discounts for you to check and find the most suitable for you.

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Flight prices per year

Cheap flight deals found on our website

Origin - DestinationDeparture atFind tickets
SamaraYaroslavl30 November 2023Tickets from 10
YaroslavlSamara27 November 2023Tickets from 10
NizhnevartovskNaberezhnye Chelny29 November 2023Tickets from 10
YekaterinburgIzhevsk22 November 2023Tickets from 11
IzhevskYekaterinburg22 November 2023Tickets from 11
Ulan-UdeKhuzhir29 November 2023Tickets from 12
SaranskAdler/Sochi22 November 2023Tickets from 14
MoscowPskov21 November 2023Tickets from 15
PenzaMineralnye Vody30 November 2023Tickets from 17
Mineralnye VodyAktau27 November 2023Tickets from 17

Cheap flights to a destination

DestinationDeparture atFind tickets
Izmir17 December 2023Tickets from 18
Antalya27 November 2023Tickets from 20
Konya28 November 2023Tickets from 22
Bodrum24 November 2023Tickets from 22
Dalaman24 November 2023Tickets from 23
Ankara27 November 2023Tickets from 23
Kayseri22 November 2023Tickets from 23
Denizli29 November 2023Tickets from 24
Samsun28 November 2023Tickets from 24
Trabzon6 March 2024Tickets from 24
Erzincan3 January 2024Tickets from 27
Sivas5 January 2024Tickets from 28
Gazipasa28 November 2023Tickets from 29
Ercan27 December 2023Tickets from 30
Kutahya25 December 2023Tickets from 32
London28 April 2024Tickets from 32
Edremit25 November 2023Tickets from 32
Iasi13 January 2024Tickets from 32
Adana6 December 2023Tickets from 32
Gaziantep5 December 2023Tickets from 33
Ordu24 November 2023Tickets from 33
Kutaisi9 March 2024Tickets from 33
Malatya22 November 2023Tickets from 34
Mardin24 December 2023Tickets from 34
Plovdiv21 November 2023Tickets from 36
Merzifon21 November 2023Tickets from 37
Nevsehir23 November 2023Tickets from 37
Athens29 February 2024Tickets from 37
Elazig5 December 2023Tickets from 37
Rize25 November 2023Tickets from 38
Golgen31 December 2023Tickets from 39
Isparta17 March 2024Tickets from 40
Erzurum25 November 2023Tickets from 40
Batman8 December 2023Tickets from 40
Kars29 November 2023Tickets from 40
Diyarbakir25 December 2023Tickets from 40
Van28 December 2023Tickets from 41
Hanover23 February 2024Tickets from 42
Birmingham23 December 2023Tickets from 42
Budapest16 January 2024Tickets from 43
Manchester15 December 2023Tickets from 43
Hamburg1 March 2024Tickets from 43
Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse22 December 2023Tickets from 44
Brussels29 January 2024Tickets from 45
Pristina12 December 2023Tickets from 45
Lyon19 February 2024Tickets from 46
Sarajevo14 December 2023Tickets from 47
Bratislava25 November 2023Tickets from 48
Tirana21 April 2024Tickets from 48
Antakya15 February 2024Tickets from 48
Kahramanmaras22 November 2023Tickets from 48
Bologna31 March 2024Tickets from 48
Cologne18 December 2023Tickets from 49
Vienna5 February 2024Tickets from 50
Zurich19 December 2023Tickets from 50
Marseille31 March 2024Tickets from 50
Dusseldorf21 December 2023Tickets from 50
Copenhagen8 February 2024Tickets from 51
Milan20 December 2023Tickets from 52
Sinop22 November 2023Tickets from 52
Munich19 March 2024Tickets from 53
Tel Aviv-Yafo27 December 2023Tickets from 53
Stuttgart6 March 2024Tickets from 54
Tbilisi22 February 2024Tickets from 54
Venice31 March 2024Tickets from 55
Liverpool12 December 2023Tickets from 55
Bourgas29 December 2023Tickets from 56
Bremen31 January 2024Tickets from 56
Edinburgh28 February 2024Tickets from 56
Eindhoven16 December 2023Tickets from 56
Mus10 December 2023Tickets from 57
Kuwait7 December 2023Tickets from 57
Berlin11 March 2024Tickets from 58
Nuremberg20 December 2023Tickets from 58
Varna24 November 2023Tickets from 58
Paris20 January 2024Tickets from 58
Sofia4 December 2023Tickets from 58
Frankfurt26 February 2024Tickets from 58
Rome24 November 2023Tickets from 59
Malaga26 January 2024Tickets from 59
Amsterdam8 March 2024Tickets from 59
Geneva19 December 2023Tickets from 59
Porto16 January 2024Tickets from 60
Agri25 November 2023Tickets from 60
Rotterdam18 March 2024Tickets from 60
Abu Dhabi4 January 2024Tickets from 61
Lisbon24 January 2024Tickets from 61
Turin15 December 2023Tickets from 62
Billund26 January 2024Tickets from 62
Larnaca15 December 2023Tickets from 62
Dortmund12 December 2023Tickets from 63
Bucharest5 February 2024Tickets from 63
Skopje4 December 2023Tickets from 63
Helsinki6 March 2024Tickets from 63
Batumi17 December 2023Tickets from 64
Toulouse6 December 2023Tickets from 64
Sharjah18 March 2024Tickets from 64
Ljubljana26 February 2024Tickets from 64
Prague17 December 2023Tickets from 64
Bahrain5 December 2023Tickets from 65

Cheap flights from a destination

Origin - DestinationDeparture atFind tickets
PenangSingapore17 January 2024Buy from 15
Kuala LumpurSingapore9 January 2024Buy from 15
LangkawiSingapore16 January 2024Buy from 16
IpohSingapore15 January 2024Buy from 27
JakartaSingapore25 March 2024Buy from 30
Kota KinabaluSingapore27 March 2024Buy from 34
PhuketSingapore21 June 2024Buy from 36
PekanbaruSingapore8 February 2024Buy from 41
KuchingSingapore5 December 2023Buy from 43
Phnom PenhSingapore9 January 2024Buy from 43
Ho Chi Minh CitySingapore30 January 2024Buy from 44
BangkokSingapore21 February 2024Buy from 44
SurabayaSingapore19 March 2024Buy from 47
ManilaSingapore11 March 2024Buy from 51
Denpasar (Bali)Singapore22 February 2024Buy from 51
Cebu CitySingapore10 February 2024Buy from 52
Kuala NamuSingapore8 January 2024Buy from 57
KrabiSingapore2 February 2024Buy from 61
DavaoSingapore16 December 2023Buy from 61
HanoiSingapore6 January 2024Buy from 62
Phu QuocSingapore9 March 2024Buy from 63
Da NangSingapore2 February 2024Buy from 64
GuangzhouSingapore11 April 2024Buy from 66
VientianeSingapore11 January 2024Buy from 74
HaikouSingapore22 January 2024Buy from 75
Nha TrangSingapore12 January 2024Buy from 78
ChennaiSingapore13 December 2023Buy from 79
Surat ThaniSingapore10 January 2024Buy from 80
ManadoSingapore10 February 2024Buy from 80
PrayaSingapore24 November 2023Buy from 86
Chiang MaiSingapore3 February 2024Buy from 87
Ujung PandangSingapore21 November 2023Buy from 92
CaticlanSingapore30 April 2024Buy from 92
ThiruvananthapuramSingapore5 December 2023Buy from 93
HaiphongSingapore27 November 2023Buy from 98
MiriSingapore11 February 2024Buy from 98
TaipeiSingapore23 November 2023Buy from 99
Hong KongSingapore14 January 2024Buy from 100
TagbilaranSingapore23 January 2024Buy from 100
Rach GiaSingapore20 January 2024Buy from 100
ShenzhenSingapore12 January 2024Buy from 100
MacauSingapore11 January 2024Buy from 101
Puerto PrincesaSingapore27 April 2024Buy from 102
YangonSingapore1 February 2024Buy from 103
TrangSingapore10 January 2024Buy from 104
BeijingSingapore13 March 2024Buy from 107
Bandar Seri BegawanSingapore27 March 2024Buy from 109
ShanghaiSingapore11 January 2024Buy from 111
KaliboSingapore14 January 2024Buy from 111
Siem ReapSingapore27 February 2024Buy from 114
PerthSingapore24 January 2024Buy from 114
UtapaoSingapore24 April 2024Buy from 116
SandakanSingapore13 February 2024Buy from 116
HangzhouSingapore20 December 2023Buy from 117
SeoulSingapore6 December 2023Buy from 117
AhmedabadSingapore5 December 2023Buy from 118
MumbaiSingapore9 December 2023Buy from 121
GoaSingapore28 November 2023Buy from 121
KochiSingapore25 November 2023Buy from 123
SanyaSingapore27 November 2023Buy from 124
SydneySingapore31 January 2024Buy from 129
KolkataSingapore31 January 2024Buy from 130
MelbourneSingapore28 February 2024Buy from 131
QingdaoSingapore29 November 2023Buy from 132
DelhiSingapore4 April 2024Buy from 133
OsakaSingapore8 February 2024Buy from 133
DalianSingapore21 December 2023Buy from 136
HarbinSingapore25 December 2023Buy from 138
XianSingapore22 December 2023Buy from 138
Koh SamuiSingapore10 January 2024Buy from 138
Labuan BajoSingapore23 February 2024Buy from 140
BusuangaSingapore8 February 2024Buy from 140
UrumqiSingapore8 January 2024Buy from 140
TokyoSingapore7 December 2023Buy from 141
NanjingSingapore13 January 2024Buy from 141
ChengduSingapore27 November 2023Buy from 141
YiwuSingapore20 December 2023Buy from 147
HyderabadSingapore14 January 2024Buy from 148
ColomboSingapore30 September 2024Buy from 149
BalikpapanSingapore2 January 2024Buy from 154
BusanSingapore3 December 2023Buy from 156
Can ThoSingapore21 December 2023Buy from 156
VaranasiSingapore2 February 2024Buy from 158
JejuSingapore24 December 2023Buy from 158
YanjiSingapore27 November 2023Buy from 161
XiamenSingapore30 December 2023Buy from 166
Sayak (Siargao)Singapore11 January 2024Buy from 167
TashkentSingapore28 November 2023Buy from 172
MuscatSingapore3 December 2023Buy from 174
LegaspiSingapore9 January 2024Buy from 182
MaleSingapore3 April 2024Buy from 190
BengaluruSingapore16 December 2023Buy from 191
DubaiSingapore28 November 2023Buy from 192
Chiang RaiSingapore29 December 2023Buy from 202
BrisbaneSingapore10 January 2024Buy from 205
SorongSingapore8 February 2024Buy from 205
Abu DhabiSingapore4 December 2023Buy from 210
Hua HinSingapore3 January 2024Buy from 215
RiyadhSingapore17 January 2024Buy from 215
BahrainSingapore24 November 2023Buy from 223


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