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General terms and conditions for using the website

General information

  1. These General Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between the website, hereinafter the Website, as a provider of reference services for catalogs of products and services of various third-party merchants, on the one hand, and users of the Website as individuals who use the reference services to inform themselves (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Users” and separately “User“), on the other hand.
  2. Using the Website, incl. any menu, category or subcategory, section or subsection, as well as the emergence, development and termination of any legal relationship arising from the use of the Website, the User gives his unconditional consent to be bound by these General Terms and Conditions, as well as all other conditions, regulating separate legal relations, conditioned by its use. Under the hypotheses mentioned in the previous sentence, the User also provides his unconditional consent to the collection and use for the purposes of the Website and the legal relations stipulated by him of the personal information provided by him.
  3. Binding from these General Terms and Conditions is applicable both to the current view of the Website and to any changes to it made in the form of additions and changes or the introduction of new menus, categories, sections and others.
  4. If you do not agree with the above or do not wish to provide your consent to be bound by the General Terms and Conditions of the Website, you are not allowed to visit, use it or be a party to any legal relationship.


  1. Users may use the Website as a guest or by registering an account on the Website. Registration allows you to use additional features of the Website (such as: Price alarm clock – functionality that will inform you when changing the price of your chosen product or service; Adding a product or service to the list of favorites, etc.), but is not required for viewing the information published on the Website.
  2. To register and become a User of the Website, you must perform the following steps:
    • Entering the “Registration” menu, located at the time of publication of these General Terms and Conditions in the right corner of the header of the Website;
      • Fill in the following required fields in the generated form:
      • Username;
      • E-mail;
    • “Password” (the same should be repeated).
    • Performing standard verification of the fact that the registrant is an active user-individual by confirming the fact that he is not a robot;
    • Expressing consent to these General Terms of Use of the Website;
    • Pressing the “Register” button;
    • Upon successful completion of the above actions, we will send you a confirmation email for the creation of your personal profile on the Website, including a link to confirm your account.
    • Follow the link in the confirmation email you sent.

Nature of the services offered by the Website

  1. The Website is a reference internet platform, within which registered and unregistered Users have the opportunity to get acquainted with the technical characteristics and prices of various products or services offered by third-party merchants, by comparing the offers of traders who at the time of the inquiry offer the respective product or service in your catalog. The information published on the Website is intended to facilitate the selection of Users, but does not constitute an offer to enter into a transaction. THE WEBSITE IS NOT A PLATFORM FOR THE SALE OF GOODS (ONLINE SHOP).
  2. The Website is not responsible for the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the information published on the Website about the products or offers (prices) of third-party merchants. It is necessary for the Users of the Website to perform an independent check in the websites of the respective merchants in order to make sure of the authenticity and timeliness of the goods offered by them and the respective conditions for their purchase (price, availability, delivery time, etc.).
  3. Potential contracts for the sale of goods offered by third parties-traders, which the latter conclude with the Users, materialize independent and autonomous legal relations between these parties. These General Terms and Conditions do not regulate the conclusion of contracts for the sale of goods between third parties-traders and Users and do not contain the terms of these legal relations.
  4. The Website is an operator of foreign information and the User who left the relevant opinion or uploaded the relevant page is their owner and author. Pursuant to Article 16 and Article 17 of the Electronic Commerce Act, the Website is not obliged to monitor the information it stores, transmits or makes available when providing services to the information society, nor to look for facts and circumstances indicating the commission of illegal activity.

Rights and obligations of the parties

  1. Administrators only maintain the Website and are NOT responsible for the in any of the following cases:
  • For possible defects and / or other claims in respect of goods / services purchased by the User as a result of referring offers and products on third party sites of the Website, as well as if conditions or prices in offers announced on the Website by third parties -traders or by automated collection of publicly available online information, turn out to be wrong or misleading;
  • For shortcomings, inaccuracies and incompleteness in the information describing a product or service, which may become an incentive or reason for its possible purchase or for its preference over another similar product or service by a User of the Website;
  • For inaccurate, incomplete, missing or incorrect information about the offers of a third party trader submitted on the Website, which could potentially lead to costs and losses for a User of the Website, eg, but not only for research of real prices by establishing a connection with third party trader, travel to the store of a third party trader, etc .;
  • For damages caused by the purchase of goods / services for which reference information is contained or has been contained on the Website, and / or by the action / inaction of the sellers selling them in connection with the provision of mandatory information to Users in accordance with the Protection Act consumers;
  • For damages caused by other websites accessible through links / banners placed on the Website;
  • In case the User makes his personal profile available to unauthorized third parties or in any other way allows and / or allows the same to be used by third parties who have abused his registration;
  • For damages caused in the absence or interruption of access to the Website;
  1. By using the Website and after reading these Terms and Conditions, the User agrees to comply with the following rules and requirements:
  • to observe the applicable Bulgarian legislation, the present General Terms and Conditions, as well as the rules of morals and good manners;
  • not to infringe the good name and rights of other individuals-users of the Website;
  • not to infringe another’s property or non-property rights, including intellectual property rights;
  • not to extract by technical means or in a technical way information resources or parts of information resources belonging to the databases located on the Website of and thus not to create its own database in electronic or other form.
  1. By registering on the Website, the User consents to the creation and maintenance of a user profile.

Copyright of the content and design of the Website

  1. To the extent that the Website contains reference information on product and service catalogs offered by third-party merchants, the same information does not constitute an intellectual property object on which the Website claims copyright and subsequent rights.
  2. The Website owns all rights to the design, images and source codes of the Website that are not the property of third party merchants.

Privacy policy

  1. The Website understands the importance of the confidentiality of your personal data. Keep the privacy of the username and password you use to log in and use the site. This will protect you to the maximum and will not allow third parties to use your account.
  2. The Website uses an SSL secure certificate to access and process the traffic that is generated between you and our servers.
  3. The Website uses the services of for a proxy, which provides a firewall and full encryption of the connection between your computer and the website, so that it can provide you with a 100% guarantee of data transmission security.
  4. The Website only stores encrypted passwords and personal data. No representative of the Website can understand or read your password and personal data. All personal data is encrypted with a 2048 bit algorithm.
  5. The Website does not store your IP address in any form.
  6. The Website does not use your email address for anything other than confirmation when creating an account on the site.
  7. The Website does not save your email address when you post a guest comment. If you are a registered user and use the functionality of the website as such, then your email address is stored as encrypted information with a 2048-bit algorithm while your account is active.
  8. No representative of the Website will ask for your access password and you must not provide it to anyone else.

Personal data

  1. Personal data means any information used to identify a natural person or its equivalent, which can directly and unambiguously conclude that it is the individual.
  2. The data you provide when registering an account on the site are: username and e-mail address. The website requires an e-mail address in order to process your account verification. In this way it is verified that the author of the account is not a computer algorithm (bot)
  3. When using the website as a guest of the Website, we store only your name or nickname, which is necessary to be a visible author of the opinion on the Website. The user chooses what name or nickname to use and the website. The Website is not responsible if the user is identified by the entered name or nickname.
  4. When you use the Website as a registered User, we store your email address fully encrypted. The storage period of your email address is equal to the period of your registration on our website. We store your email address in order to identify the created user profile.
  5. The Website allows users to edit and delete their own posts through the interface.
  6. The Website allows Users to create pages and upload information, edit it and delete it. The Website is not responsible if another user enters personal data to identify a person. In such cases, provided that the administrators of the Website are explicitly notified, they may administratively delete the relevant data from the page and the database. Provided that the administrators of the Website are not explicitly notified, they are not responsible for this information.
  7. By confirming these General Terms and Conditions, without changing the settings of the Website, the User declares that he agrees and accepts to receive all cookies on the Website, as well as to store them on his hard drive. However, each User may at any time change his browser settings for cookies by blocking or deleting them. When performing such blocking, some of the functionalities of the Website may become completely or partially inaccessible or of lower quality. You can read more information at
  8. The Website in no way collects, uses or manages information from cookies. They are used for the sole purpose of a user commenting on the Website or logging in to their account. These are, etc. session cookies.
  9. Third party cookies
  • Google Analytics – Google Analytics is a Google analytics tool that helps website and application owners understand how their visitors engage with their properties. It may use a set of cookies to collect information and report statistics on the use of a website without personally identifying individual Google visitors. The main cookie used by Google Analytics is “__ga”. For more information, please visit
  • Google Ads (Adsense) – We use cookies such as NID and SID to personalize ads on products such as Google Search. For example, we use such cookies to remember your most recent searches, your previous interactions with an advertiser’s ads or search results, and your visits to an advertiser’s website. This helps us show you personalized ads on Google. We also use cookies for ads that we display on the web. The name of our primary ad cookie on non-Google sites is “id” and is stored in browsers for the domain. We also use others with names like “_drt_”, “FLC” and “exchange_uid”. For more information, please visit
  1. By subscribing to the functionality on the Website, where you want to receive email notifications for new comments and opinions, price alarm or other features of the Website that require the entry of your email, each User with clear awareness and desire declares this intention. Subscription to this service is voluntary and can be used by both registered users of the website and guests of the Website. Each email you specify to receive notifications is stored in encrypted form.
  2. Comments, opinions and pages that contain personal information and are published on the Website, which directly and unambiguously identify a European citizen and which are notified to the administrators of the Website, will be deleted and the profile of the author of the comment will be deleted or blocked without warning.

Your account

  1. Ensuring the security of your account, each time you access and use the site through the account (username and password), it is assumed that you take responsibility for all actions that will be performed when using this account.
  2. By accessing and using the Website, you agree to take all necessary measures to ensure that the security of your password will not be disclosed by third parties.
  3. If you suspect unauthorized use and / or misuse of your account, immediately change your access password to a more secure one.
  4. The Website reserves the right to deny any user access to the site and its functionalities, to close an account or to delete posts.
  5. Your access to the Website may be temporarily suspended or restricted for the purpose of maintaining the site or introducing new functionalities or services.
  6. The Website will make every effort to provide access to the site without interruption in electronic transmission and without errors. However, due to the nature of the Internet, uninterrupted access and the absence of errors cannot be guaranteed.
  7. The Website gives you the opportunity to delete your account, as well as all data in it, through the corresponding menu in your account.
  8. By registering on the Website and successfully posting a comment, you as a User declare that you agree to provide your e-mail address and give your explicit and unambiguous consent that it can be used to:
  • Marketing activities by receiving information or commercial messages;
  • Participation in competitions and games / promotions;
  • Sending non-commercial or administrative messages (site changes, administration, etc.);
  • Providing access to limited sections of the site and its functionalities.

These general terms and conditions and privacy policy were updated on 6.2.2021 and the Website reserves the right to update them periodically, promptly informing its users through an appropriate information message on the pages of the Website.

In case of established violation of a user or entered incorrect information, you can contact the administrators of the Website through the contact form located here.

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