Вградената светкавица на Canon 400D не се отваря

A few weeks ago, before I sold my 400D, the built-in flash started to cause me problems – it didn’t want to open no matter how hard I pressed the flash button. This most often happened to me after using an external flash. I read a lot on the subject on the Internet. There was no advice from firmware to a fucking foot that releases the flash. Naturally, the right decision was the most logical and simple. After a lot of digging, I found this discussion on flickr, where they discuss this issue. There, Doug Pardee posted a photo of exactly where the mini button is, which detects that an external flash is attached to the camera. Here is the photo:

It is this button that is plugged and remains in the pressed position, even if there is no external flash, as the camera detects that there is an external flash to it and the built-in one cannot be opened. I guess this happens on older models, as the 400D has accumulated quite a few years already 🙂 But no big deal, a slight cleaning with a toothpick and a slight lifting of the plate that presses the button fix the problem. Of course from time to time later I had to repeat the procedure, but what to do 🙂 Old typewriter …. no longer in my possession 🙂 It was a good device, I learned a lot from it 🙂
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