Вградената светкавица на Canon 400D не се отваря

A few weeks ago I decided to make an English version of my website. At that time I still enjoyed free hosting and domain at www.weebly.com. To my surprise, after I made a copy of the site and started to translate I discovered that Weebly have stopped indexing pages for all new sites. I could not believe it, but even the support team confirmed it. I do not know who on Earth would create a website that can not be detected by the search engines. After this “suicide” act of Weebly immediately registered my own domain and paid for hosting. And I think I will not be only one when everybody learns about this “innovation” of Weebly.

I do not know how and why they decided to do this, but I think it is stupid, to say the least. Why do you need a website that is not indexed by Google? As easy as it is to build the website, whatever security it has to offer I do not think there is a person who wants a site only for personal use.

I do not have anything personal against Weebly. On the contrary, several years ago I was very pleased with the service they offer. The site is indexed very quickly and easily by Google. You can make site super fast without much knowledge. Just a few clicks and a little text and you can have a professional looking website.
Although these types of websites have several disadvantages:

1. Each page is built for itself. No dynamic content.
2. Recurring content for each page must be built again from the beginning.
3. The good extras and plugins you will need are paid.

These shortcomings were a thorn in my eye for quite some time I was on the verge of getting my own domain and CMS (content management system). The only thing stopping me was the invested time in my old webpage and the fact that I have to copy everything again for the new website. But the last action of Weebly was to much for me.

To maintain website even with a CMS system needs a lot more time (I would not say it’s much more complicated), but if look at it with perspective, this option is much more suitable and sustainable in time. Here you call the shots – you decide when to put down the site. With the free hosting is not quite like that – if your free hosting decides to stop the service or bankrupts, your website automatically goes down. Yes, you could download a backup copy, but it is very hard to adjust it to another hosting and template. As I said with the CMS you are sustainable over time – every second, new technologies and innovations appear on the web. Now all CMS Systems (including the free ones) have options for update. So you are insured that your website will be always up to date with the new technologies.

My advice to all who wants to make the website is to decide beforehand whether they intend to develop it in the future or just have a few standard pages with information that will not change much over time. On this depends whether it is better to use free hosting or invest in private hosting and own domain.

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