Borovitsa dam and the suspension bridges on Borovitsa river

Some time ago when I first was part of an organized photo trip that took place in the region of Kardzhali, I was fascinated by nature in this area. The combination of cultural sights and natural diversity makes it a paradise for photographers. At the beginning of the summer, I took several trips along the Borovitsa River – from the Borovitsa Dam and the village of Bezvodno al the way to the Kardzhali Dam.

Borovitsa dam is probably the strangest dam I have ever seen in Bulgaria. The first and most important thing is that a dam is a strategic object because it is the main water supply for the whole area around Kardzhali. This is precisely why the area is guarded around the clock, surrounded by a fence and a roadside barrier. To go through the barrier and get to the village of Bezvodno, you must provide an ID and the security will record your car license plate number.

In addition, the spillway of the Borovitsa Dam, which discharges excess water if it reaches a certain level, is also of great interest from the tourists. Unfortunately, taking pictures in the area is forbidden, and that’s why you will not find many photos of the overflow itself, as well as the area of the dam. Another interesting fact is that the wall of the Borovitsa Dam is ground and soil rather than concrete as in most cases. Even before you reach the dam, you can see the entire wall covered with vegetation – grass, moss, etc.

Bezvodno village

The only road to the village of Bezvodno passes along the Borovitsa dam. You can say that the village is the most guarded in Bulgaria, but unfortunately, it is also one of the most deserted in the country. Whether because of the fact that it is so difficult to get there or because of its location, the time seems to have stopped here. The technologies have not changed the way of life in this area.

After you return from the village and continue on the road along the Borovitsa River, it seems that you enter a private and maintained nature reserve. Nature here is so beautiful and untouched that it looks unreal. Endless meadows covered with grass, hills, forests, animals … it just takes your breath away.

On the Borovitsa River itself and around the Kardzhali dam there are several suspension bridges preserved – something rarely seen in Bulgaria. Here, in most cases, these suspension bridges are the only way residents of the surrounding villages (as well as domestic animals) can reach their homes, that’s why they are pretty well maintained. The most popular is the suspension bridge near the Nenkovo village, but there are several others on the road along Borovitsa River.

Between the suspension bridges, shortly after the village of Nenkovo, you will see an ancient stone bridge. Most sources date back to the Roman and Middle Ages. Like every bridge, this one has legends that there is buried treasure in its foundations. Some say this is the reason the treasure hunters have destroyed much of it. Others suggest that the strong waters of the Borovitsa River are the cause of the destruction. Today the medieval bridge is restored with concrete and can still be used to cross over the river.

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