Buzludzha part two – the red UFO

As I wrote in my first post about Buzludzha, this monument impressed me so much that I was definitely determined to visit it for the second time. Also, my stupid act of not taking my spare battery for the camera on my first visit to Buzludzha and the subsequent inability to take good enough photos also contributed to my going here again. This time I was prepared and arrived at a very good time for photos:

The sunrise was truly unique. Probably one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. The sun rises just opposite the entrance to Buzludzha and colors the monument bright red. It starts from the top of the tower, which seems to light up at any moment.

Then the whole monument is painted red. Rarely does a person manage to find irony in nature 🙂

Sunrise on Buzludzha

At sunrise, the area around the temple-monument is truly unique. Wherever you point the camera, you will take a great shot. That’s why I didn’t stop shooting for a second:

As I said, it happened at a great time for photos – shortly after my arrival under the top began to form clouds of fog, which covered the plain like a blanket. And so I found myself between two layers of clouds:

Once the sun rose completely, everything returned to normal. Buzludzha became gray and dull again … as much as possible for a flying saucer 🙂

Of course, I couldn’t forget to go inside. The situation inside was even worse than the first time I entered the monument. The water from the rains that had fallen this week gave shine and created interesting reflections on the marble floor of the central hall. But on the other hand, all this water was seeping in from everywhere. It was raining inside, although there was no sign of rain outside. Also, the strong wind was relentlessly trying to blow away the roof of Buzludzha, or rather what was left of it. In general, the setting was suitable for shooting a horror movie:

On the way back, the fog that had covered Stara Planina had not yet dissipated, which gave me the opportunity to take a few more interesting shots:

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