Citadel Fortress in Mezdra, Bulgaria – Archaeological complex

Citadel Fortress is located in the town of Mezdra and in the area there is a archeological complex with several exhibition halls and many artifacts.

The fortress itself is located on the right bank of the river Iskar and can be reached by a small bridge, which can be crossed by car. At the end you will see the gate with the sign Archaeological Complex Citadel. Passing through it you will see a separate car parking area. If there are no spaces there, as it is quite small, you can leave your car at the area before the bridge.

Right next to the parking lot is the entrance to the Archaeological Complex. The entrance ticket as of April 7, 2022 costs BGN 7. After the building of the ticketing office there are several exhibition halls with paintings by local artists, as well as exhibits from the early Renaissance. Next to the halls there is a place for relaxation with benches, as well as a mini amphitheater for various events.

Archeological complex Citadel in Mezdra

Shortly after the exhibition halls there is a meadow where you can see ancient weapons and you can shoot a bow. The price for archery was from BGN 5 to BGN 10, depending on the number of shots. There is a fountain and a small wooden bridge. As the Citadel fortress is located near the railway lines of Mezdra, there you can see the passing train compositions.

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Going up the stairs to the fortress Citadel you will see another exhibition center with interesting architecture. Unfortunately, it was closed when I visited the landmark. After it, the actual stairs which will take you to the fortress begin.

Due to its favorable location where the main roads of antiquity intersect, the area of the Citadel has gathered over 7000 years of history. Finds and artifacts from the Stone-Copper Age to the Middle Ages have been found here. The fortress itself is located on a hill, which is naturally protected by the river Iskar.

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Kaleto Fortress is well arranged and the information boards with a map show what exactly each part of the “Stone Treasure of Mezdra” was used for. You will be able to see exactly where the towers, rooms and prisons in the fortress were located.

From the top there is a beautiful view of the Vratsa Balkans, the Iskar River and the town of Mezdra. There is also a large part that has not yet been restored. Maybe in the future they will add the unrestored part to the Archaeological Complex Citadel.

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