Fotinskite waterfalls near Fotinovo village

Fotinskite waterfalls was the first place I visited shortly after the first wave of the Cavid 19 pandemic. As soon as I could go out and travel, I looked for a place where I could escape from the city life. I came across the Fotinskite waterfalls, which were relatively close – next to the village of Fotinovo, 20 km from the town of Batak.

You can reach Fotinskite waterfalls from the center of the village, but you can also stop right next to trail. The beginning of the path is next to several woodworking workshops and there are plenty of parking spaces.

As soon as you start wakling, you will see a signs directing you on the right way to the Fotinskite waterfalls, as well as a beautiful stone bridge over the Fotinska river.

The trail is moderately difficult, with several very high elevation sections, especially close to the waterfalls themselves. The specific thing about the trail to the Fotinskite waterfalls is that on the way there is mostly a descent, and the return is much more difficult, as the slope to some of the waterfalls is quite steep. The trail itself is well marked with amazing views constantly appearing before your eyes.

Fotinskite waterfalls along the Fotinska river

Almost the entire path to Fotinskite waterfalls passes along the Fotinska river. As you walk to the final destination you will see beautiful green meadows and several wooden bridges. It is not high water river, but it has cooling effect in the summer days. The trail itself is quite wide and it is clear where you nee to go, and there are many signs that guide will you.

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The Fotinskite waterfalls also have their own guardian. A little puppy that accompanies everyone on the trail and guides them to the waterfalls. At first I thought he was with someone from the other tourists, but no. He just walked with everyone on the path and everyone adored him. I don’t know if he has a name.

At some point you will reach a fork with a sign Fotinskite waterfalls on the left. A little further down the turnoff you will see a large gazebo. There are several arrow signs on the gazebo pointing to the actual waterfalls.

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This is where the interesting part begins. The trail is divided into two, with one fork leading to the upper fall of the waterfalls, which is relatively easy to reach, unless you want to go down to the waterfall itself. There is usually something like a trail, but it is so wet all the time that the chance of slipping and falling in the mud is huge. Not to mention that climbing back up is a nightmare. That’s why I recommend you to enjoy the waterfall from a separate viewpoint on the top, which offers a beautiful view of one of the Fotinskite waterfalls.

Then you have to go back and take the other fork, where the slope is quite extreme. You will go down to something like a mini canyon. And as the sign says “It was easy so far”.

Still, it’s worth going down to the bottom. In the shady canyon you will see several wooden bridges that cross the river and take you to the bottom fall of the Fotinskite waterfalls.

At the end of the trail you will see the lower fall of the Fotinskite waterfalls, which is divided into 2 parts. Both parts can be reached with a little effort and carefulness. There were people who climbed to the very top where the water begins to fall.

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