Park-Island Freedom in Pazardzhik

I see that interest in Park Island in Pazardzhik is quite big and for good reason. The municipality invested a lot in recent years to make the island a unique place. If someone has not gone there soon he will not recognize the Park. Cafes, fountains, zoo, sports fields, playground, water wheels – it’s just a fraction of what you can see in Park-Island Freedom. The island is about 750 meters long and 300 meters wide. In the 19th century, it was private property, but in the early 20th century the district municipality decided to buy and transform it into a park. In the following years, many rich people in Bulgaria are willing to buy the island and turn it into their private residence.
Because of this interest in Park Island Freedom in Pazardzhik and the lack of information on the Internet, I decided to do something like a photo tour, which I hope will attract more people to visit this interesting place.

Above is a map of the park with all the sights. Below I divided the map into several areas, and for each individually I have  uploaded pictures and described what can be seen in the area.

Here is the entrance to the Park-Island Freedom. From the entrance on the right is the new fountain, in which you can cool off from the summer heat 😀 Beside it there is a fountain monument, and down the walkway, you will find the monument of Aleko Konstantinov and the popular Cross. From the entrance of Island starts the longest bench in the world that is recorded in the book of Guinness World Records. The Train making the panoramic tour of the island only works in the evening and is completely free.

Jurassic Park

I made a separate post about Dino Park on the Island in Pazardzhik some time ago, with a lot of photos and information. So whoever wants can read more here.


In this part of the island there is a summer reading room scene, a Scene where concerts and theater performances are held, another large fountain with a cafe next to it and the racetrack itself. The Racetrack on the Park-Island Freedom has been completely renovated, and inside were built new sports courts for mini football, basketball, table tennis and volleyball. This area also has a skate platform, but forgot to take pictures of it 🙁

Photo exhibition

Here are the majority of sculptures and statuary from the sculpture symposium, which was held on Park-Island Freedom in Pazardzhik. All of them are very interesting and are made primarily from waste materials. Also here is located an outdoors photo gallery, which exhibits various authors.

In Park-Island Freedom has a huge rose garden with a fountain and benches. The Rose garden is very well maintained, there is connected drip irrigation. Here you can find different types of roses – red, white, yellow and many others.


In this part of Park-Island Freedom in Pazardzhik is the artificial lake where you can ride water bikes. You can also enjoy great cuisine in the restaurant, which was totally renovated and which terrace is located next to the lake. The view really is unique. Here also is the second entrance to the park, which can be reached by car.

Playgrounds and mini ship modeling school

On the Island in Pazardzhik since I can remember there are school and two playgrounds for mini models of boats and planes. several international competitions were held here. The school constantly recruits young kids who would like to practice this sport not only as a hobby, but as a professionally. I hope I’ve managed to virtually walk you through Park-Island Freedom in Pazardzhik. I encourage anyone who has not visited this landmark to do it soon, because it is really a unique place in Bulgaria.


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