Slivodolsko padalo waterfall

The highest waterfall in the Rhodope Mountains is 35 km away from the city of Plovdiv and 5 km away from Bachkovo, which allows for an escape from the summer heat and take a wonderful weekend walk. The beginning of the trail to the Slivodolsko padalo waterfall is just after the first tunnel after Bachkovo. Parking is difficult because there is very little room in the ramp after the tunnel. There are also several parking spaces at the entrance of the fishpond across the street.

On the tunnel itself there is a sign to the Slivodolsko padalo. The footpath has quite a few steep parts and the starting point is exactly like this. Shortly after, there is a very interesting house in the middle of the forest with a sign for a street 🙂

There are many other waterfalls and cascades along the path itself, but access is very limited and can not be captured qualitatively.

Сливодолско падало

Fortunately, there are many picturesque small wooden bridges and waterfalls, where you can make great pictures. In general, the trail is curved along the Slivov dol river, which flows into the Chepelare River.

As I mentioned, the path is very steep and narrow. The walk takes about 1 hour, depending on the stops for a rest. Then after the last steep slope, the Slivodolskoto padalo reveals itself with the glorious 49m water drop.

“And that’s not all” – as some ads say 🙂 After the panoramic view with a bench from which you can enjoy the splashing drops from the waterfall, the trail continues to reach a vast field where there is another picturesque waterfall.

The whole area around the waterfall is covered with greenery and moss. The water slowly spills on the slopes of the mountain, and the view looks as it has come out of fairy tales. In general, the walk to the Slivodolsko padalo is a wonderful option to get away from the city’s daily life.

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