Ustina waterfall

From the upper parts of the pretty Ustina village begins an eco path leading to the Ustian Waterfall. It is 15 meters high and because its source is a small and low-water river it is advisable to visit the waterfall in April or May or after heavy rainfall.

The directions and signs for the eco-trail start from the center of Ustina village. The path to the Ustina Waterfall itself starts from a small fountain located at the end of the village.

The Ustina Ecopath is well-marked and with many directional arrows and signs. There is just one place where there is a “fork” on the path and it is quite difficult to go to in the right direction unless you see this impromptu arrow.

Ecopath and waterfall Ustina

The footpath is not very steep and the waterfall can be reached at a normal pace for about 30-40 minutes. There are many places for relaxation with benches, gazebos, fireplaces, and small bridges.

Part of the trail runs along the steep rocks towering over the village. Here you will also find parts of the observation towers and the fortress of Emperor Justinian. This fortress during the Byzantine period was one of the most important, as it protected the northern slopes of the Rhodopes mountain. Here on these rocky parts of the ecopath you will enjoy amazing views of the Ustina village and the entire valley. It was not surprise that there were observation towers right here.

Right next to the Ustina Waterfall itself, there is a gazebo with a fireplace and a fountain – everything you need for a picnic with a barbecue in nature. Even in the hot summer days the coolness of the water flowing the top of the steep rocks will cool you while you are resting from the long walk.

A little further up on the path, after the gazebo, you can get to an even a more splendid view of the Ustina Waterfall and the chapel of St. George.

Устински водопад
Устински водопад

For those living in Plovdiv city and the surrounding area, the walk to the Ustina Waterfall is a wonderful opportunity to break away from everyday life in the city.

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