Diado Yotso gleda monument near Ochindol village in Bulgaria

The monument to Diado Yotso is located just before the village of Ochindol in a separate complex with a restaurant, a park with wooden figures and a gazebo. The road to it is asphalted and passable in all weather conditions. Shortly after you stop at the village there is a small turnoff with parking in the complex.

The complex was built in 2005, but it is very well maintained, but it still looks like it was built yesterday. The idea for the monument came from Ognyan Petrov, a native of the village of Ochindol. Funds for its construction were raised by the municipality of Mezdra and donors. After climbing the hill where the complex is located, there are incredible views of the Vratsa Balkans. Especially at the end of winter, when part of the Balkans is still covered with snow.

The monument can be reached by a small paved path after passing the tavern. It branches off at 2 and makes a kind of tour around the statue of Diado Yotso. The sculpture is 5 meters high and was built in memory of the main character from the story of the same name by Ivan Vazov – Diado Yotso watches.

Monument Diado Yotso gleda

The story tells how Diado Yotso goes out every day and although he is blind he stares at the railway waiting for the train that should pass on the line Sofia-Mezdra. That is why the creators of the monument also positioned it on a hill from which the Levishte train stop can be seen on the Sofia-Mezdra line and directed the statue in this direction. The work tells how, despite being blind, faith endows him with another kind of senses and he manages to see the future of Bulgaria. The statue is made of Vratsa stone and can be seen from the road and the train.

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At the end of the trail there is a large gazebo with a 360 degree view of the Iskar Gorge. The whole area of the complex is surrounded by a flower garden, which in summer is very picturesque.

The new addition to the complex Diado Yotso watches is a park with wooden figures of various animals. Some of the figures are located next to the pub, and the rest are located on the hill on the opposite side of the road. There are many interesting sculptures of crocodile, deer, bear and many others.

Places to stay near Mezdra

If you then continue on the road to Mezdra or Vratsa, I recommend you visit the Cherepish Monastery, which is located 800 meters in a turnoff right on the road. The monastery is one of the largest in the region and is located on the banks of the river Iskar. The walk is very short and very pleasant.

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