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The unique Stalbitsata Cave

пещера стълбицата

In search of sights to see around Lovech, apart from Krushuna Waterfalls and Devetashka Cave, I came across some amazing photos from Stalbitsata Cave. The cave is truly unique with its shape and way of formation, therefore the photos from…

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Lavender fields in Bulgaria

Лавандулови полета в България

Recently, lavender has become a symbol of photography in Bulgaria. Photos of lavender fields flooded the internet especially in June and July. So I decided to do something different and to organize a photo shoot with a model in lavender…

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Rose festival in Bulgaria (Updated 2024)

Rose picking festival

This year attracted by the big advertising campaign for the Rose Festival, I decided to make several trips to Kazanlak and capture the rose picking and rose-boiling rituals, and the accompanying festivities in the area. Donwload image Unveiling the Enchanting…

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