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Skiing with flags and nosii – 3-rd of March

спускане ски, носии и знамена пампорово

For the second consecutive year, skiing with flags and nosii (traditional Bulgarian costumes) was organized in Pamporovo ski resort for the Bulgarian National Holiday on March 3rd. And for the second time, I decided to shoot this unique event. Because,…

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Alyosha monument on the Bunardzhika hill in Plovdiv

альоша в пловдив

Alyosha also known as The monument of the unknown soldier is an 11-metre tall reinforced concrete statue of a Soviet soldier in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The statue has a 6-metre pedestal lined with granite. The memorial commemorates Soviet casualties incurred during…

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The Stone Mushrooms near Neli plast village

каменни гъби

I am always very impressed by rock formations created by mother nature over thousands of years. The Stone Mushrooms near the village of Beli Plast are one of these natural phenomenons. They are also known as Rock Mushrooms. Download image…

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Kushii for Saint Theodore’s day

Конски великден Тодоровден

This year I managed to visit Kalugerovo village for St. Theodore’s day – also known as Horse Easter. In Kalugerovo each year on the first Saturday after the Quadragesima Sunday is organized one of the most interesting holidays including attractive…

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Krakra fortress in Pernik, Bulgaria

крепост кракра перник

In February I decided to visit the International masquerade festival Surva in Pernik, Bulgaria, since last year I missed it. Looking at the area near the city I found one very interesting landmark – the Krakra Fortress. Download image The…

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